"all was well"

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For those of you who dont know, Laura Harvey is our head coach and the best coach I have ever played for. She is absolutely hysterical, a great coach and an even better person… to put it simply, we are her team and we are proud of that! To epitomize her… the other day she came in after the post Thorns match press conference and said “Well that press conference was shit.” I said, “Why?” and she said “They didnt have any banta for me. I only got a few laughs…” I said “Is that how you judge how well a press conference goes?” And she said “D.F.” (which is her nick name for me) “That’s how I judge every day of my life… ‘Laura, how was your day?’ Did I make anyone laugh? no…? Then, it was a shit day.” Then she walked away and I was left laughing at her knowing that she was actually serious about that. I think thats how everyone should judge how good their day was… how many people did you make laugh today? The more laughs you got the better day you just lived.
Dani Foxhoven blogging about Laura Harvey. (via stephaniecatley)