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College dorm room idea:

1) Buy a copy of Just Little Things (they’re super cheap on Amazon).

2) Tear out the pages (you’ll feel awful but just do it) and trim the edges (optional).

3) Pin the pages up on your wall using thumbtacks, tape them up, hang them up with clothespins and yarn, or whatever you wish!

You’ll have a colorful wall full of all things happy! The pictures above are a few pages from the actual book, so just imagine a wall with 200+ more. :)

Some fans have made something similar (here), but with the book, you won’t have to spend the time/money printing or writing everything out.

Let me know if you like this idea! If you end up doing this, send me photos if you can! I’d love to see them. :)

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People always seem surprised when I so easily can name my favorite book. Without a moment’s hesitation I promptly answer the question that aggravates every booklover. But the thing is, that while different books mean different things to me, no book has ever meant as much or touched me as deep as this. I will never be done with “Persuasion”. I will read and reread it until my eyes are failing and my sight is fading. And even then, I will think about it. Quote it. Incorporate its words into my everyday routine, my mind and my life.

Because I can’t stand the thought of being without it. I will cling to its words for as long as I can. The phrase ‘favorite book’ is not just a title; it is a declaration of love.

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"Since I’m further up on the field I’m able to be in the attack more. I’m usually there for every goal celebration and since I’m a rather big girl, and strong girl, people are just attracted to me. They want to jump on me. They want to give me hugs…and I’m there to catch them.”

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